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Monday, February 20, 2017



It hurt so much as I turned to go
that I did not look back
lest my friend see the tears
in my eyes
that I tried hard to disguise
to make him believe if I could
that it was just plain cold sweat.

Outside the men were absorbed
in some sort of a discussion
while in the balcão
the women folk gathered
 to plan sowing the paddy fields
the following day 
while the tall coconut trees
in the gentle evening breeze
firmly held their sway.

Then as darkness fell
 and homewards I walked,
 seeing a score of people together pray
by the wayside cross I stopped;
the  light from the candles
reflected in their faces
as they sang in perfect chorus,
their gaze at the cross
fixed as if by magic;
and hearing them sing the litany,
and unable to resist
I joined them in perfect harmony.

Friday, February 17, 2017



Goodbye and farewell are not easy
as they are always resonant
of nostalgia and yearning,
of anxiety and reminiscence,
to depart at the thought
of never meeting again
those you hold so dear.

The old banyan tree still stood there aloft
but the mango tree had stooped somewhat;
my name on its bark
that I had carved when young
I could barely see
as probably some naughty lad
had peeled its bark off in jealousy.

The nunerca tree is long dead and gone;
It’s shade so cool that once sheltered
children ten score or more
playing beneath surroundings so sylvan.
The gulmohar so magnificent
though a frail and bent
still brought back memories
of its flowers so fragrant.
“When will you return?”
My childhood friend asked
“I know not” I said as I gasped.
“Will meet again for certain
before I depart”
“Certainly we will” I heard him say
as I turned away.