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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

R.I.P. Donald Maurice Brewart

You Will See Them Someday
when you lose someone it can be hard to take 
the pain that you feel when your heart has to break 
the memories you keep are all in your mind 
as you search your soul for more to find 
the way their skin felt the smell of their hair
as you keep thinking over and shedding a tear 
the years may pass, memories fade to grey 
but your getting no younger you'll see them someday 
unconditional love is never forgotten 
look deep in your heart it is there at the bottom 
alone in the dark sometimes in fear 
voices from loved ones your hoping to hear 
more years pass, they soon fly by 
but your always looked upon from those in the sky 
surrounded by clouds and pure white doves 
they listen and watch sending you love 
just remember one thing as you sit and you pray 
they will be there to greet you, you will see them someday.

~ Stephen Banks ~

A beautiful memorial Mass,
celebrating the life of Donald Maurice Brewart,
was held at St. Thomas More Catholic Church at
Niagara Falls, followed by a gathering of his family,
relatives and friends.

To view the geographical location of this church in Google Earth/Panoramio, please click on the following link:

Rest in Eternal Peace
Don Brewart

One of Don's favourites singers was Jim Reeves and had numerous of his LP vinyl albums in his possession.
Here's one special song that perhaps Don would like to sing it now. Here's my dedication. Please click on the following link and give it a listen.