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Saturday, June 27, 2009

THE FUJEIRAH TREE - A Pyrographic Drawing

'The Fujeirah Tree'
by Tony Fernandes

In fact I am new to this art. This is my first 'Woodburning' drawing done with a 'pyrographic' pen - a very kind and thoughtful gift from my three children on 'Father's Day', 21st June, 2009. Having received it in the mail, I immediately put it to the test. After a few initial strokes I got to 'wood-burn' some scenes on a scrap piece of wood. And then by the third day I had already successfully 'pyrographed' the above drawing.

I have always been fascinated by silhouettes of trees. And photographing the forlorn acacia trees of Fujeirah (U.A.E.) were no exception, especially against a backdrop of the spectacular Hajjar mountains. This first project was inspired by the encouragement from my youngest daughter, after browsing through the photographs of these trees that I had taken a long time ago. My children were very young then. In those wonderful days we drove to picturesque Fujeirah (East coast of the U.A.E.) on enjoyable picnics more than 140 kilometres from Sharjah.

The size of the end-grain wood block (bass wood) is 13 x 9 inches approx. and the drawing is burnt into the wood using a single standard supplied pen. Various shaped tips and pens are available for achieving different textures, contours and designs.

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