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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Summons

The Summons

(Excerpted from my poems in

(Poem originally titled as "The Journey"and published in my book
"GOA - Memories of My Homeland" in 2004)

Summarizing our own mortality while we grieve for our loved ones, at times we comfort those who have lost theirs, but have to contend with the fact that we might leave others to grieve for us when our days on earth are done.


When the final summons beckons
At my door to leave for another shore
A call I can't ignore,
My life's journey's end
sudden and abrupt;
I will have to leave in haste,
A departure I cannot adjourn,
Defer or halt, no luggage to haul
Before I acknowledge my final roll call.
Let me therefore do good,
pardon friend or foe
'cause it may be too late to do so
When the Lord knocks on my door
Unable to look back I will have to go.
From up above I will probably only see
Unable to respond, direct, guide or tell
But perhaps I could only wish
and hope there is at least one good thing
That I will be remembered by, if at all.

Tony Felix Fernandes
Copyright ©2008 Tony Felix Fernandes