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Friday, November 30, 2012


Customers questions at Craft Shows

Q:   Did you write this poetry book yourself?
A:    No! I just put my name on it for fun!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hilarious questions by customers at Craft Shows

Q:   Do you make these 'Woodburnings' yourself?

A:    No! They just fall from the sky on weekends early
       in the morning on the outskirts of this town. All you have
       to do is be there early to pick them up. Then, all you do is
       load them in your mini-van and drive! Then wait your turn
       to set up  and try to sell them here!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012



A customer stares at my work with admiration for about 2 hours,
 ...and after an unsuccessful purchase, quotes:

Tony, you’re doing an excellent job!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


HOLDING HANDS       by   Tony Fernandes     
My wife often says to me at the Malls: “Look, that couple there, see how lovingly they are holding hands and walking along”. And then I am prompted to retort: “As if I love you any less if I don’t do what they do. You know I love you nevertheless, don’t you?”

As we walk further down through the mall we see more couples holding hands as they leisurely pace along the aisles.

Now, that is precisely the situation that prompts or suggests in my own few personal notions about this trait of holding hands through normal human behaviour.

Though holding hands is not new, it is definitely an expression of love as old as time and love itself.

Looking on the humourous side here are a few of my own observations why people, married couples, or just lovers, hold hands in public places and especially in the Malls.

· They are afraid of losing their partner – literally.
· There’s a mad rush.
· Huge crowds everywhere.
· The aisles are packed.
· They could be feeling insecure.
· They just got back from a recent spat.
· They first met at the Mall.
· Today is their first meet’s first anniversary.
· Re-living the moments of the first date.
· It’s their 20th wedding anniversary.
· It’s better than paying alimony.
· They just can’t keep their hands to themselves.
· They staunchly believe that united they stand;
   divided – and if they let go, they might fall.
· He is definitely not her husband, or she is not his wife.
· One of them must be very rich.
· She must be after his money.
· He’s about to include her in his will.
· She has discovered a secret locker of his diamonds.
· They could be both big public show-offs.
· They are trying to make us feel jealous.
· They just got married.
· Who knows? They may have just met a while ago.
· It’s just a force of habit – and old habits die hard.
· It’s their first date.
· They just got back from the beer garden.
· They recently re-married (a la Liz Taylor/Richard Burton style).    
· They discovered that love can be re-kindled.
· One of them wants to know the other’s secret.
·  She’s using her hand today instead of a leash.

So, having given a few reasons that are, in my mind, positive, I look forward to better days ahead. We are of course still young, 37 years married, and in the rat-race of today’s world we haven’t found the time to hold hands seriously often enough. Perhaps we will do so in the distant future or whenever we visit the Mall. Holding hands, then, will just come to us. Naturally. It’s difficult to do that otherwise!

Friday, November 16, 2012


St. Anne's Church, Parra, GOA - India

Poem from my book "Goa - Memories of My Homeland'

Some Goans have traveled far and wide all across the globe.
Nevertheless, with strong family ties
 to their folks and friends back home,
 some sort of a prayer for the well-being
 of those they left behind
may have automatically come to them.
Here is my own.


Into your hands O Lord
My loving family I place
Take good care of them
With your fondest grace.

Shelter them while I am gone
Guard them while I am away
Shield them from troubles and ailment
Grant my humble request, I pray.

Let happiness always reign
In my humble abode when I am not around
Their smiles preserved
And laughter ever abound.

Thoughts about my family
Forth I will always carry
With your blessings O Lord
Keep us all in unity.

Guide me well on my voyage
O Lord to you I pray
And bring me back safely
To be once again with my family.

Should from my voyage
I be destined not to return
Then to Your will, I will surrender,
But remember Lord,

Look after my folks, have concern.

Sunday, November 11, 2012



          Lest We Forget - three words renown across most countries to show remembrance of those who have fought, and those who have died fighting for freedom. It means that we will never forget.

          In Canada, the day is honoured by wearing poppies, a flower that bloomed throughout the fields of battle grounds in France and Belgium during World War I.

          The wearing of the symbol of the poppy was made popular due to the poem, Flanders Fields, written by Canadian physician and Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae after witnessing his friend and fellow soldier struck down in the midst of battle in WWI.

Friday, November 02, 2012


"If we had no care
for the dead
we would not 
be in the habit
of praying for them."

(St. Augustine of Hippo)

Photograph by: 
Tony Fernandes
Cemetery - St. Anne's Church
Parra, Bardez, Goa.

Thursday, November 01, 2012


"The Feast of All Saints
honours the obscure
 as well as 
the famous - the saints
 each of us has known"

Picture above:
Main Altar of
Canca, Verla, Bardez, Goa