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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Little White House at Cumbiem Morod

         On the left-hand side of the picture of the house you can see stenciled lettering "Happy X'mas". Young boys went around the village stencilling the caption on the walls of houses in the village after the Midnight Mass.

         On the right right side of the pic, on the 'sopo' is a circa 1960 model Philips radio similar to the one in the picture below. From the long shadows in the picture, it is evident the picture was probably taken very early in the morning, tuned to the early morning program of Radio Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

         Tilting on its stand is my 'Atlas' bicycle fitted with a bell, horn, rear view mirror and a rear bracket often used to carry wheat purchased from Mapusa market and later take it to the flour mill to grind it into flour.

         On the top right of the picture a 'star' is seen and that surely indicates that the picture was taken during Yuletide. The 'star' is seen in the picture hauled up using a pulley and coir rope on a long bamboo pole. In the night it would be brought down to place and light up a candle or a lamp fitted to a thin flat piece of wood inside it and hauled back up above.

         The camera was a Japanese Model called 'Samoca', similar to the one in the picture below:

The colour slide from which the house picture has been reproduced is Kodachrome. I still have the 1 inch x 2 inches slide, that I used to project on the wall using a projector powered by batteries.

         Electricity first came to the village of Cumbiem Morod only around 1969.

Those were the days.

Tony Fernandes

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