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Thursday, April 03, 2014



One may perhaps wonder
Or perhaps may never know
The anguish and the pain
When all of a sudden
You feel left out in the cold
Out in the open.

Confided, trusted and loved
A girl's life and honour is put at stake.
The brunt of it all
I find too much to take
My child crying in the corner there I see
As though through my body
Her veins I feel
And make me share
In her grief, tears, sorrow and pain.

This for my child
I wish never to happen
When one day you will
A father be
When all that your child does
And feels will run through your body.
Every pain and hurt even in the hearts 
Of the entire family.

As time goes by surely
From the shock she will recuperate
Just like the time when by your bed-side
She silently sat and prayed
For your hurt and pain to heal
And to be yourself again.

Tough as it may now seem to be
She may eventually even learn to love to hate
The person she bestowed her love upon;
In her naivety the love she gave
Which seems like a farce
And a mess you helped create.

Tony Fernandes

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