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Thursday, June 19, 2014

An Evening with my Grandson

Ari fell asleep in the car on our way to the Park. We parked under the shade of a tree and let him sleep for about 45 minutes. My wife later put Ari on her lap because his head was beginning to slump over his chest!

Everything was peaceful...until he woke up.

What happened later...the pictures will tell.

It was fun to spend time with our grandson Ari. He's such a joy to be with. Trying to catch up with him running around was quite a feat for me, making me realize that I am getting old after all.

Ari was kicking the ball well in keeping with the present fever and spirit of the World Cup, and some folks passing by were watching him keenly.

He was quite fascinated by the geese waddling around the park. Ari boldly ran right through a gaggle of them unflinched, far ahead of us towards the play area.

As soon as he found himself comfortably perched on the swing, Ari was saying 'push', and insisted that he wanted to be pushed even higher, in keeping up with a small girl swinging on the side next to him!

Then suddenly the skies turned grey as evening fell. It started to drizzle signalling that it was time for us to return home.

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