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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

By the Riverside Wharf, Pomburpa, Goa, India - Memories older than the drawing

Riverside Wharf - Pomburpa, Bardez, Goa - India
Water colours on woven pearchment paper 
by  Tony Fernandes
9th August 1979

Memories older than the drawing

When I was a young lad, during my summer school holidays, my father would take me everywhere - to old and new places to see and explore, to the beach, to the market place every day to buy fresh fish and groceries, to my favourite restaurant in town for ice-cream and 'falooda' (is a cold dessert popular in the Indian subcontinent), to the hills for walks, picking 'canttam' (a berry-like black-coloured local fruit found wild on Goa's hills) and cashews, to the lakes and springs for picnics, church and chapel feasts and to nearby streams for a swim. My father had made for me my very own first mini 'robond' (a locally-made catapult, which children would play with in Goa, made from a v-shaped tree branch and waste automobile or cycle tubes, also known locally as 'catty'). He would take me along fishing to the salt-water river, for football games in the nearby town, and to distant places visiting friends and relatives, by bus, taxi, canoe and ferry, all of which I had enjoyed immensely.