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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Meeting two wonderful people

Close to 13 years ago, the sweetest elderly couple from Lindsay, Ontario was seated in her section where my daughter was a server at Casey's. They got to talking and somehow her usual rants and raves about her parent's talents come up, and more specifically her Mum Edna Fernandes' recipe book and my collection of Short Stories.

As fate would have it, the gentleman revealed to my daughter that they do in fact, own their own Publication and would love to check out our work. One read is all it took, and The Jupes not only published our work but ended up becoming one of our nearest and dearest friends.

Sadly, Mr. David Jupe passed away 3 years ago today, after a two year battle with his health. RIP David Jupe and thank you for everything and inspiring artists like me and my daughter to always continue to create.

It is with extreme sadness that Edna, Dahlia and myself learned that our dearest friend and gentleman David Jupe from Lindsay, Ontario, passed away. Our most heartfelt sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to David's wife Sheila and family. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

We have lost a great, fine, extraordinary and exceptional gentleman. I will always remember him, for so many things, for his wit and wisdom,
especially when I read his beautiful writings in his 2 books that he gave us, and for editing, printing and publishing my book and Edna's Recipe Book too.

David Jupe - You'll be missed.

I treasure and cherish this memory - a truly one of a kind chance meeting with my daughter Dahlia that eventually turned into a great family friendship with two lovely and amiable people - David and Sheila Jupe of Lindsay, Ontario.. Canada.