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Friday, February 17, 2017



Goodbye and farewell are not easy
as they are always resonant
of nostalgia and yearning,
of anxiety and reminiscence,
to depart at the thought and uncertainty
of meeting again
those you hold so dear.

The old banyan tree still stood there aloft,
but somewhat stooped was the mango tree,
my name on its bark
when young I had carved
I could barely see.

The nunerca tree is long dead and gone;
It’s shade so cool that once sheltered
children ten score or more
playing beneath surroundings so sylvan.

The gulmohar by the village chapel
so magnificent,
though a little frail and bent
still brought back memories
of its flowers so fragrant.
“When will you return?”
My childhood friend asked
“I know not” I said as I gasped.
“Will meet again for certain
before I depart”
“Certainly we will” I heard him say
as to hide a tear I turned away.

Tony Fernandes