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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Quotable Quotes at a Food & Craft Show

Customer: Awesome, tasty pickles!
Are they included in your recipe book?
Salesperson: Like hell they are.
I sincerely hope you are joking.
Or are you planning to put us out of business?

Q: Amazing, are these products all hand-made?
A: No. They are all home-made by hand.
I also have a machine that is connected to my
wrists. Want to take another guess? Go ahead.
You might as well. What do you mean hand-made?
Do you think I use my feet? And what do you
mean “all hand-made”? Are you suggesting that
some are while others are not? Now, are you
going to buy anythingat all?

Q: Great, are these all home-made?
A: No. They are hand-made at home. All you have
to actually do is lay all the 251 parts on the table
and they get assembled by themselves.