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Monday, February 06, 2006

So why then do some people hold hands?

On the humorous side, some reasons or intentions perhaps why people, married couples, or just lovers, hold hands in public places and especially in the shopping malls:

• They could be feeling insecure.
• They just made up from a recent spat.
• They first met at this mall. Today is their first meet’s first anniversary.
• Re-living the moments of the first date.
• It’s better than paying alimony.
• They just can’t keep their hands to themselves.
• He is definitely not her husband, or she is not his wife.
• One of them must be very rich.
• She must be after his money.
• He’s about to include her in his will.
• She has discovered the secret that contain his diamonds.
• They are trying to make us feel jealous.
• They met a while ago and it was love at first sight.
• It’s just a force of habit – and old habits die hard.
• They have discovered that love can be re-kindled after all.
• She’s using her hand today instead of a leash.